SG75 【送料無料】 【自転車 パーツ】 【SUGINO】 【クランク】 144クランク (スギノ) (NJS認定),クランク長:165,軸長109mm,:\n \n スペック,カラー:シルバー,北海道・離島も送料無料(沖縄を除く),適応BB:\n \n スクエア軸タイプ(4テーパーISO),■:競輪選手お墨付きのNJS認定クランク,■:PCD144mmにISO規格を採用したトラックモデル,PCD:144mm,チェーンライン:42mm,(スギノ) SG75 (NJS認定) 【自転車 パーツ】 144クランク 【SUGINO】 【クランク】 【送料無料】,※:シマノ等のBBに採用されているJIS規格のテーパーとISO規格のテーパーは\n互換性がありません、ご注意ください

(スギノ) SG75 (NJS認定) 【自転車 パーツ】 144クランク 【SUGINO】 【クランク】 【送料無料】
(スギノ) SG75 (NJS認定) 【自転車 パーツ】 144クランク 【SUGINO】 【クランク】 【送料無料】
(スギノ) SG75 (NJS認定) 【自転車 パーツ】 144クランク 【SUGINO】 【クランク】 【送料無料】
(スギノ) SG75 (NJS認定) 【自転車 パーツ】 144クランク 【SUGINO】 【クランク】 【送料無料】

Welcome to SSOSP College of Engineering!

S.S.O.S.P. College of Diploma Engineering is a product of a dream and vision to excel and be a premier institution in the field of engineering. The college has the most modern infra structure. It provides a wide arena for the staff and students to showcase their academic and extracurricular activities.

Our endeavor is to provide the students an exhilarating experience. The college is within the city limits yet in the midst of eco-friendly green surroundings. You will find nature and technology blending in our campus.

Engineering Streams offered @ SSOSP

Civil Engineering

To impart  knowledge & excellence in civil engineering & technology with global perspective to our students & to make them ethically strong engineer to build our nation.

Computer Engineering

To contribute to the society through excellence in scientific and knowledge based education utilizing the potential of computer science and engineering with a deep passion for wisdom, culture and values.

Electrical Engineering

To establish global leadership in the field of Electrical to develop competent human resources for providing services to society.

Electronics & Tele-Communication Engineering

The Vision of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering Department is to train the students to have in depth knowledge of the subjects in the field of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering thereby making them to develop confidence for challenges in the industry as well as R & D activities.

Mechanical Engineering

The Mechanical Engineering Department endeavors to be recognized globally for outstanding education & research leading to well qualified engineers, who are innovative, entrepreneurial & successful in advanced fields of mechanical engineering to cater the ever changing industrial demands & social needs.

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To be a leading institution of engineering education and research, preparing students for leadership in their fields in a caring and safe learning environment by providing high quality & demand driven courses.

Provide excellent academic facilities and opportunities to deserving students of all communities. Attract nurture and retain the best faculty and technical manpower and produce competent and skilled engineers ready to meet global challenges.

SSOSP Show Reel

About Our Principal

Mr. Mahesh C.Patil our Principal, an M.E. in Electronics and Telecommunication (VLSI & EMBEDDED) from Savitribai Phule University, Pune with over 15 years of experience in guiding Professional students.

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